LMSA Connect

Welcome to LMSA Connect. LMSA Connect contains contact, educational, and specialty and research interest information of student and faculty members of the LMSA community in the UCLA Health Care System. This list is intended to help improve the communication between our members and friends and to foster shadowing, mentorship and research. Those listed below have expressed an interest in doing just that, so if you share the same passion and have an exciting research project or educational opportunity do not hesitate to contact them and share the opportunity with them.

Name Email Status Specialty Research Interests
Elizabeth Canales ecanales@mednet.ucla.edu MS2 Family Medicine, Pediatrics Stroke Education
Maria (Kika) Tobar maria.tobar15@yahoo.com MS2 Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine Rural Medicine, emergency medicine, stroke prevention through physical activity
Minerva Pineda pineda.minerva@gmail.com MS2 OB/Gyn Clinical research in OB/Gyn
Jasmin Reyes JDReyes@mednet.ucla.edu MS2 Academic medicine, primary care Minority health disparities
Brenda D. Medina (Barajas) BrBarajas@mednet.ucla.edu MS4 Pediatrics Underserved communities, pediatrics