Executive Board

This is an overview of the LMSA board positions, if more detail is desired, please contact the appropriate representative. We will also be sending out more detailed descriptions. Commitment to be on the LMSA Board implies the following: You are and will remain in Good academic standing, participate in all aspects of LMSA’s Activities as necessary, help out at Lennox bi-annual health fairs, be a mentor to fellow UCLA undergrads and high school students, attend and help at LMSA’s events throughout the year, attend all board meetings, you believe and actively want to further the mission and purpose of LMSA at UCLA/CDU.

General Positions
CDU Co-Chair (1)
UCLA Co-Chair (1)
Secretary (1)
Treasurer (1)
Historian/Webmaster (1 – 2)
Medical Student Representatives- (2) CDU – (2) UCLA
Fundraising Co-Chair (1 – 2)
Faculty and Alumni Mentorship (1 – 2)
Mentorship Co-Chairs (3 – 4)
Community Member Representatives (1 – 2)
Indigenous Community Representative (1)

Lennox Health Coordinators
Supplies coordinator (1)
Volunteer Coordinator (1)
Physician Coordinator (1)
Advertising Coordinator (1)


Position Description & Responsibilities

(1 UCLA, 1 CDU)

  • Schedule and run all meetings, including general and board meetings (approx 5 general meetings, monthly board meetings).
  • Point-of-contact for all outside inquiries and negotiations.
  • Report to Regional Board Meetings in cases in which MSR;s are unable to attend.

(1 position)

  • Maintaining and keeping records of all UCLA/CDU LMSA chapter accounts.
  • Collecting and distributing reimbursements.
  • Updating chapter each block as to the status of chapter finances.
  • In charge of the Dr. David Hayes Bautista Scholarship. This includes working with a committee to interview and select a candidate.

(1 position)

  • Responsible for keeping and reporting all board minutes.

Medical Student Representatives
(2 UCLA)
(2 CDU)

  • Required to contribute "MSR Reports" to the Regional Board.
  • These reports are a summary of chapter's events and workshops.
  • Reports are due before every Regional Board meeting (approx 4).
  • Required to attend Regional Board Meetings (subsidized).
  • Required to vote at these meetings (1 per school).

Indigenous Community Representative
(1 position)

  • Lead an Indigenous People’s Day event in October
  • Responsible for building a professional relationship with indigenous communities in LA
  • Advocate for continuing education on topics that affect indigenous communities
  • Coordinate with the Association of Native American Medical Students (ANAMS)

Lennox Coordinators
(6 positions)

  • Responsibilities include planning and running 2 separate health fairs.
  • Planning includes, but not limited to, organizing utilities, volunteers, and providers.
  • Head Coordinators (2), Student Volunteer Coordinator (1), Physician Volunteer Coordinator (1), Advertising Coordinator (1), Supplies Coordinator (1).

Mentorship Coordinators
(3-4 positions)

  • Recruiting and supporting new mentees.
  • Holding workshops (study skills, applications process, etc) for undergrads.
  • Planning and running mentorship socials.

Faculty Mentorship Coordinators
(2 positions)

  • Planning and running med student/faculty/alumni mixers.
  • Running the existing mentors/mentees, while building it further.

Fundraising Chair
(1-2 positions)

  • Responsible for creating new and exciting ways of getting $$$.
  • Income is used to maintain the chapter throughout the year, including lunches for meetings.

Community Representative
(1-2 positions)

  • Responsible for developing a professional relationship with other community organizations or entities.

Full Descriptions of Executive Board Positions:

General Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Attendance at events, mentorship, chapter meetings, et cetera...
  • Participating in Lennox health fairs.
  • Helping out when needed (i.e. t-shirt sales, promoting events).

Co-Chair Responsibilities

  • Work as a team with fellow Co-chair to do the following: reserve rooms and plan and facilitate Board and General body meetings
  • Fill out appropriate documentation and have meetings with SAO student organization person to re-new LMSA’s status both with DGSOM and UCLA undergrad campus.
  • Buy food and organize our various events
  • Check with Emma every so often about LMSA supplies and do inventory keep her office as clean as possible
  • Email, make class announcements etc for various events
  • Stay in contact with LMSA advisors
  • Attend and support ALL LMSA events
  • Plan the LMSA Board Retreat
  • Help at Lennox Health Fairs, this includes flyering, and day before registration)
  • Work with other leaders in APAMSA, SNMA to work together with Liz Izquierdo in order to bring diversity events to students
  • Work with other Board members to help plan any event or meeting they may need
  • Plan the Latino Health Lecture Series
  • Plan other events as appropriate
  • Check Co-chair email
  • Participate in phone conferences if necessary
  • Support every other board member as appropriate
  • Set up Elections for LMSA regional conference Chapter awards
  • Renew application for Orgsync with main campus

Treasurer Responsibilities

  • Keep accurate and timely record of outgoing and incoming money
  • Write reimbursement checks for LMSA board members and others
  • Once a month, make a point of purchase to avoid any service charges on our account
  • Submit a year end budget report and any other budget reports requested by LMSA regional
  • Ensure that Board sends out a thank you letter to any other donors
  • February and March-Collect and review David Hayes Bautista Scholarship Applicants with previous treasurer and 3 other LMSA members
  • Interview scholarship candidates along with Dr. David Hayes Bautista and decide on a recipient
  • Award scholarship recipient at the UCLA CCM Banquet in June.
  • Ensure that LMSA Board sends thank you letter to all faculty advisors and donors.
  • Keep track of scholarship money and ensure that there is $1000.00 for the David Hayes Bautista Scholarship for the incoming year
  • Send out letters requesting funding for scholarship to list serve
  • Contact faculty members for possible donation
  • In January through February-announce opening of David Hayes Bautista Scholarship to UCLA
  • CCM (the incoming treasurer will collect the applications as you will when you take office, re-starting the process)
  • Train incoming treasurer
  • Assist at Lennox Health Fairs
  • Assist with any other LMSA events as needed

Medical Student Representative Responsibilities

  • Represent the UCLA or CDU chapters at all LMSA regional and statewide board meetings
  • Become familiar with “Robert’s Rules” and apply them while voting on proposals and discussing topics at board meetings, always acting in the best interest of our chapter
  • Keep chapter up-to-date on LMSA regional/state/national happenings as necessary
  • Write articles for the LMSA newsletter (Timely submissions are important for chapter reimbursement eligibility)
  • Submit quarterly reports including recent events and activities for both UCLA and CDU chapters.
  • Responsibilities are spread out throughout the year and among the MSRs (there are 4 total). This is a very manageable position.
  • Keep in mind that you will be expected to travel to meetings (Irvine, USC, SF, Stanford, Utah) and that you are not reimbursed for the entirety of your expenses. Still, if you book your flights early, reimbursement covers a substantial amount.
  • Board meetings can run long, as well as the occasional conference call.
  • Great opportunity to meet a lot of medical students and alumni and tour different campuses, programs, and hospitals
  • This is an excellent opportunity to get to know what LMSA is like at the higher levels and step into a regional or national leadership position if interested

Undergraduate Mentorship Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Keeps open and continuous communication with the Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) LMSA liaison
  • Recruits medical student mentors for all interested CCM undergraduate students
  • Pairs up mentors/mentees at beginning of undergraduate school year
  • Sets up mentor/mentee mixers
  • Sets-up/does presentations to the CCM general and board members in topics of interest (i.e. applying to medical school, how to write a personal statement, what is AMCAS, etc).
  • Informs CCM of any scholarship or educational opportunities (i.e. conferences, summer programs, etc)
  • Collaborates with CCM in coordinating speakers/panelists for their annual health conference
  • Arranges an end of the year LMSA-CCM BBQ/picnic in appreciation to the mentors and mentees
  • Attends all LMSA board meetings
  • Attends and helps with the annual LMSA Latino Health lecture series
  • Attends and helps with the Lennox Health fairs

Secretary Responsibilities

  • Record notes during all LMSA Board meetings
  • Recap notes for previous meetings at the beginning of each board meeting
  • Email the meeting notes to the LMSA after each meeting

Fundraising Co-chair Responsibilities

  • TBD

Webmaster Responsibilities

  • Changing the Officers Page of the UCLA LMSA website with photos and bios of newly elected officers shortly after the LMSA elections.
  • Updating the Events Page with all of the current events agreed upon by the LMSA board
  • Updating the Events Gallery with photos of recent LMSA events (must work with LMSA Historian for photo access)
  • Updating the UCLA Listserv email list and approving sent messages as requested by LMSA board members or advisors. (Note: please make sure to advise new officers of keeping their inbox free of junk mail and/or adding the UCLA listserve to their contacts to avoid message bounce back and removal from the Listserv after numerous failed attempts.)
  • Updating the Google Group privileges to new board members only. Old board members should be deleted from the Google Group account unless re-elected for the current academic year (i.e., 2011-2012). IMPORTANT: the Google Group is for board members only!
  • Attending all LMSA events, including Lennox Healthfair and providing updates at board meetings if DGSOM curriculum permits

LMSA Lennox Supplies Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Works with coordinators for SNMA (Synergy), APMASA, the SAO Office (Mitsue), the MSC and other individuals (Erwin Ong, Dr. Parker, Dr. Marfisee etc…) to ensure the availability of supplies for the two Lennox Health Fairs
  • Work with SNMA, APAMSA and prepare health fair budget to be submitted to the MSC in May/early summer
  • Plan, coordinate and carry out training sessions for medical/nursing students at least 2x/year
  • Help plan and attend both Lennox health fairs (Fall and Spring)
  • Verify throughout the year the expiration date on glucose, cholesterol and anemia testing supplies
  • Transport all supplies to/from Lennox Health Fair and maintain supplies in organized fashion in the Wilson Student Lounge
  • Maintain detailed, clear and up-to-date records of all supplies ordered and used by fairs
  • Properly dispose of biohazard waste in timely fashion after each health fair with Dr. Ujita Lee
  • Fulfill any other needed duties in order to assure smooth flow of supplies for fairs

Community Representative Responsibilities

  • Developing professional relationship with community organizations or entities with goals aligned with those of CDU & UCLA LMSA
  • Collaborate with other organizations on various community projects
  • Seek out projects or helps direct LMSA towards any issues that affect our organization or the Latino community in general
  • Attends all LMSA board meetings
  • Attends and helps with the annual LMSA Latino Health lecture series
  • Attends and helps with the Lennox Health fairs
  • Seek out projects or helps direct LMSA towards any issues that affect our organization or the Latino community in general